These wonderful people either do purely voluntary work with the rescue or at discounted prices and therefore must be hero worshipped !!


Penny Shephard РTTouch /TTeam Practitioner and Specialist Fosterer


Penny has trained dogs for many years through experience she has gained from her working life. She is a qualified TTouch /TTeam Practitioner and regularly runs training classes, TTouch workshops and does one to one consultations. She lives locally to the rescue and has a whippet , lurcher and a failed fostered podenca. She has a major soft spot for these type/breed of dogs. Penny visits weekly to do one to one TTouch work with the more nervous dogs and will foster any dogs that  require behavioural work targeting a specific area that is harder to do at the rescue. .  Penny has her own website if you are interested in her work and this can be found at

Maria Walden –¬†Fundraising/Ebay ¬†Manager


Maria lives down in Southampton and the rescue first heard of her sterling efforts a couple of years ago  when she use to run regular auctions amongst other things to fundraise for a variety of organisations. The rescue was then lucky to be invited to be one of the chosen organisations to have funds raised. An amazing amount was raised and a solid friendship formed . The rescue was then offered an amazing offer of where this wonderful lady selflessly donates her time amongst a whole host of other things to raise funds for LLR and so the title was borne.  Maria is a force to be reckoned with when raising money and the rescue would not have completed major projects without her tireless help. 


Mustafa Ozmus – IMDT Dog Trainer



Mus has been a qualified IMDT trainer for just over 4 years and has a Rottie and a Beagle cross. Mus is kept very busy with his IMDT work involving various courses and one to one work. The rescue is very lucky to have him live very close to the centre and therefore he was exposed from the offset to a variety of sighthounds, lurchers , longdogs and podencos and could not help but get involved when asked !!! Mus helps out when required for any additional specific training  programmes and is the stooge male for most of the assessments.  


Pam Lander – McTimoney Chiropractor/Instructor


Pam discovered McTimoney Chiropractic after suffering with a shoulder problem in 2001 and was treated and restored to health by a McTimoney chiropractor. Little did she know at the time that this was just the start of her relationship with this particular chiropractic technique. In 2006, she decided to change her career as a management trainer and coach and study to become a McTimoney chiropractor. Pam graduated with a First Class Masters Degree and is also qualified in massage therapy, Reiki and Indian head massage. Since graduating, Pam has joined the McTimoney College as a Technique Instructor and, supervises final year graduates in their clinic year.

More recently, she qualified as a McTimoney Small Animal Chiropractor and is now able to treat any of the companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.  

Pam runs a wonderful clinic which can be found at



Adam Sculthorp РMicrochip King



Adam runs Greyfell ¬†Boarding and Training Kennels which is located near to the centre and has helped the rescue out whenever we have asked for additional space . Being a very kind hearted chap that also looks after other rescue’s dogs at his kennels, he agreed to do all our microchipping of the dogs, saving us the veterinary costs..

Alx LeeksTeam Photographer





Alx is a very talented photographer running her own photography business. She has her own lurcher Dobby and volunteered to take photos of the rescue dogs. We all know that a decent photo is a godsend when showcasing your dogs, so Alx is a much appreciated member of the team.  If you would like to learn more about her talents, you can find her at

Jonathan Jones –¬†Handy man


Jonathan first come to the rescue as a volunteer dog walker and then fell in love with one of our boys Wesley…so naturally he was adopted…then he fell in love with another boy Bobby a few months later who also found himself a new home with JJ and Wesley…Now with 2 wonderful boys, the time for volunteer dog walking was scarce but he very kindly offered to be our adhoc Handy Man ….Super !!!

Nova Dewin –¬†Sewing Queen


 The wonderful Nova very kindly volunteered to do any sewing of blankets, repairing kennel coats and beds etc originally. .She has now progressed to being a freecycle queen and grabbing the rescue all sorts of freebies for the rescue dogs. She gives up alot of time running around after bargains and we all love her for it !! 

Tessa Dunne, Jo and  Jackie Connelly 




These wonderful ladies, all give up their spare time every weekend, to ensure that I can dash off and do other important tasks, giving all the kennel dogs much needed fun and frolics….