ON TRIAL means the dog has gone off “on trial” to his/her forever home and therefore is no longer available for enquiries.  Very occasionally the trial does not work out for whatever reason and the dog will come back, this will be mentioned on the description if this is the case….All dogs still requiring  homes are up the top with the date they have been waiting since….













Meet ANA…. A Stunner…


This is ANA…She has been with the rescue for a while now as originally she was going to come indoors to be a resident dog…However it has been decided that she would be better off as an only dog or with a male dog. She has her quirks and will require a rural home as she does not like traffic and being walked around it. She is VERY loving with her humans and will make someone the best companion…CAN YOU OFFER HER A FOREVER SOFA ?



Meet BOBBIN….A stunning podenco maneto, very unusual!









This is BOBBIN, he is a podenco maneto, so is an unusual quirky boy who is just gorgeous ! He is shy at first so will need to build his confidence up with you, gets on great with other dogs and should be homed with another dog as he loves their company…No children because of his shyness. He is an absolute corker ! – ON TRIAL DEC 21

This is Benny Boo – A dynamic boy, lots of fun !

Meet BENNY BOO , he is a typical young boy, been in a home and was fab, just too bouncy around a small child, so needs older children or no children. Great with dogs and a character met. ON TRIAL SEPTEMBER 21


This is STAR….What a gorgeous girlie…

Meet Star – such a friendly lovely confident girlie…The first to meet will be smitten, guaranteed….ON TRIAL AUGUST 21

This is CORA…Oh My !!

Meet CORA…Guaranteed the first person to meet her will be smitten…She loves people, dogs, and anything in between ! Gorgeous temperament..  – ON TRIAL JUNE 21


This is LORENZO….Zooooooommmmm

This is the gorgeous Lorenzo, what a dude !! He is approx 18 months old , super with other dogs , super friendly and someone is going to be very lucky. … ON TRIAL MAY 21

Meet QUINCY….What a handsome boy !

This is QUINCY. He is super bright and super handsome as you can see. He is a bouncy boy and is only 18months old so has lots to learn still in the world. He is currently in foster and doing well. He needs to continue his socialisation and training and needs a confident strong handler as he is a strong boy !! He needs to let off steam , so will need a large garden or somewhere secure for him to play and run daily….ON TRIAL MAY 21 


This is BAMBI…our very own kangaroo !


Meet BAMBI…She is a pupster and is GORGEOUS but very bouncy !!! Typical puppy, will need some training and building up of her confidence. She has come from an awful start in life and is blossoming in our care. She needs to go with another male dog to play with and learn from…Not suitable for a home with young children….ON TRIAL FEB 2021 


This is handsome ARES….


Meet ARES…a stunning galgo. He is a big leggy boy and loves people and other dogs.  ON TRIAL JAN 2021

This is POLI _ Saved from death in a shed……THANK THE LORD !


Meet POLI..named after the police in Spain who found him chained up in a shed with the door boarded up, just left to die….how cruel can some people be ? Despite this..he is so loving and has no fear of humans…has got on well with the dogs he has met…ON TRIAL JAN 2021



This is CYRUS…such a happy boy !!

Meet CYRUS, saved from a hell hole in Spain…Gorgeous 18mth old boy, loves dogs, loves people and just loves life !!!! He is a very typical young Pod boy who will keep you on your toes but capture your heart in an instance…He did go into foster in June but has had to come back due to fosterer’s ill health at the beginning of August..Having done further assessment with this boy, we feel he needs to be an only dog first, so he doesn’t become too obsessed with his play companion..OR he has to be placed with a very dominant female that will put him in his place if he pesters to play…..He will need a special foster/home where someone is active and has time and energy to put into this boy and be able to build him up to being left on his own…. He is totally gorgeous but full on !! .Has lived with a cat……ON TRIAL DECEMBER 2020



This is Mungo……Just WOW !!

Meet MUNGO. Although he looks a very happy boy in his photo, he is quite timid and has had a raw deal before being rescued. He will need a home with another dog to boost his confidence but there is defo a cheeky chappie lurking ….ON TRIAL NOV 2020

This is  LOLITA – Stunning Galga

Meet Lolita….She is approx 3 yrs old and is reserved and just an absolute poppet. She wants nothing more than to sleep and have a fuss ….ON TRIAL OCTOBER 2020


This is RUSTY…A Pocket Rocket….


Meet RUSTY…our own wee pocket rocket. This little pupster is to die for, zany and loving, what is not to love…ON TRIAL OCT 2020

This is  Tigger…A hononary lurcher !


This is Tigger,  a 8 month pupster, Spanish Mastin crossbred, so will be quite a big boy when he finishes growing…Lovely temperament…loves people and dogs. ON TRIAL – Sept 20

This is the gorgeous DALLAS….

Meet Dallas – saved from hell…. a long legged gentleman. Quite a timid boy and will need to go with another dog for companionship. Very gentle and gets on great with other dogs. Needs a kind patient home, no children – ON TRIAL JULY 2020



Meet Fuzzy Fritz…how cute is he ?

This is the gorgeous Fritz and he is nearly 8 months old.  He is in foster at the moment and is doing amazing. He is crate trained and will need to go to someone that has owned a sighthound before, has another resident dog that is not a small one , no pre secondary school children and is around to be able to support his puppy needs and continue with his training and socialisation. Someone is going to be very lucky !! – ON TRIAL JULY 2020


This is the pretty Cassie..

Meet Cassie, she is a cracker !! So friendly, could be stroked all day. She likes a quick zoomie and then she is done , happy to chill with someone. Would be ideal on her own although she gets on fine with other dogs, she tends to be too much for Dallas her companion who is timid, so her companion needs to be a confident male. ON TRIAL JUNE 2020

Meet VERA – A gorgeous galga…

Meet Vera, the beautiful girlie who has had a life of abuse until she was rescued…She is very nervous of people and has gone into a specialist foster home where she will learn to trust humans again and build on her confidence…Lovely foster mum kept her…..!!! APRIL 2020

Meet GUINNESS – Our project boy

Please meet the stunning Guinness. God only knows what has happened to this sad boy but he is very nervous and has never experienced love or kindness until he came into the rescue. He will need to go to an experienced home with at least one other dog that has the patience, time and understanding to bring on a broken dog that needs to show him how being a dog can be wonderful, at the  moment he is very lost.  ON TRIAL DECEMBER 2019


Meet UMA…A real sweetheart…loves to give the most awesome cuddles, gets on fab with other dogs and people…She is BIG and think overgrown pup, so she needs boundaries, but she has the very best temperament…Someone is going to be very lucky…ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2019

Meet ROSIE..The beaut !



Rosie’s foster placement has come to an end. She is very cheeky and has a great personality.  Gets on great with other dogs but can be overbearing with very small dogs. Loves people but can be a bit aloof at first with some strangers .  ON TRIAL JUNE 2019

Meet HAPPY…look at that pointy nose !


This is the very handsome soft natured Happy. He is cat friendly, saved from a hunter and gets on great with other dogs and loves his cuddles (he is a right leaner ! lol) ON TRIAL MAY 2019

Meet ZARA..A  Brindle Beaut

This is Zara, she has a fab temperament, gets on well with other dogs and people and is great fun. ON TRIAL MAY 2019

Meet BRIDGETTE – Our Black Beauty


This is Bridgette, lovely girlie, likes people although bit handshy at first and gets on fine with other dogs….ON TRIAL APRIL 2019


Mogway is a GSD x and is big bouncy and full of beans. Could do with some training and a confident owner.  Loves people and gets on fine with other dogs. Lovely temperament, great boy, super intelligent ! …ON TRIAL APRIL 2019


Meet NEGRI…A Scruffster !

The wonderful Negri, loves all people and other dogs, very happy chappy… ON TRIAL MARCH 2019 

Meet TWIGLET – Gorgeous girlie

This is the beautiful bambi like Twiglet.  She is timid at first but soon has a wonderful character when she knows you and can be cheeky. She gets on fine with other dogs . ON TRIAL MARCH 2019

Meet NOEL…A Black beauty

Noel, super black beauty with a temperament to die for…..ON TRIAL MARCH 2019




This is the very handsome and unusual MONTY. He is approx 8 mths old now and has not had a poor start in life. He needs plenty of training and socialisation too bring his confidence levels up. Still nervy around some dogs, but getting so much better. Time and patience with this boy, will result in the most wonderful boy ! You will be smitten, he is sooooooooo good looking !!  –  ON TRIAL JAN 2019

 Meet MYLO – A pocket rocket pod



This is MYLO – what can I say about this pocket rocket. Loves dogs and people, bonds very quickly with his handler.  Needs his confidence building still , not had a great start in life, same story for most !  He will make someone a fantastic soulmate….ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2018

Meet HAMISH….A gentle giant 

This is the gentle cuddle monster, Hamish. Had a terrible start in Spain and needs his confidence building and plenty of socialisation. Only a pupster at 7 mths old – ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2018

Meet URKU – From Spain

This is the handsome URKU…..He has had a rough start in Spain and wanted too come and find a new start in the UK …He is super with other dogs, playful, 18mths old, very bright and just needs his forever home…ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2018

Meet BILLY…A wonderful Pupster !


The very handsome and calm Billy is a credit to all pups !! He is 10 mths old now and is doing so well with his training. Needs to go with another dog for company and he is a big boy with room to grow still ! ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2018

Meet Davey – Spanish Scruffball

This is Davey, the ball of scruff. He is totally gorgeous, loves loves people and other dogs. A very easy rehome, suit first time dog owners…..ON TRIAL OCTOBER 2018


Meet Gracie – such a beaut ! 



This is the beautiful Gracie, saved from appalling conditions, very sweet girlie, gets on great with people and other dogs.  ON TRIAL AUGUST 2018


Meet GEOFFREY – A handsome cream soda !



 This is the handsome Geoffrey, bit handshy, saved from appalling conditions, but is finding his feet here and loving life !! Such a sweet temperament, gets on great with people and other dogs….ON TRIAL AUGUST 2018


 Meet BOB….Super pup


This is the handsome BOB, he is the brother of BILLY and both were saved from a killing shelter in Spain..Typical puppies, but actually really calm considering.  Easy blank canvasses to mould into super well rounded adults.. ON TRIAL AUGUST 2018


Meet FINN – WOW what a gent !!


This is the very handsome FINN – he has only just arrived from a private rehome, where he was supposed to be excellent with everything but NOT cats. Sad rehome, being left far too long on a daily basis. Will be getting some better photos very soon. ON TRIAL AUGUST 2018

Meet BELLA….A black beauty !!


This is the stunning Bella. She is just the sweetest of souls having being rescued very emaciated and in bad condition. She is so forgiving and just wants cuddles and to be near to you. ON TRIAL JULY 2018 

Meet GORDON…A wonky loveable boy


This is the handsome lovable GORDON. Well this boy is so special. He was hit over the head by a lead pipe and rescued by a lady that has far too many dogs that she can cope with. He would never have found a home in Spain, so we have brought him over here and he will win ANYONE over when they meet him, guaranteed. A gorgeous special boy…ON TRIAL JULY 2018



The super TOMAS – was saved from terrible conditions where he was chained up 24 x 7 and the chain had embedded into his neck. He had been waiting for 18 months at an association before the rescue stepped in and offered him a chance of a new life…This boy has been bomb proof, a big goof, loves people and dogs….ON TRIAL JULY 2018

 Meet PHILIPPO – Small Polar Bear !


The lovely Philippo, what a gem of a boy, endearing, playful and will make someone a wonderful boy..Has Terrier tendencies for sure ….ON TRIAL JUNE 2018


Meet BISCUIT….A Stunning Girlie



Super temperament and the sweetest girlie you will ever meet. ON TRIAL MAY 2018

Meet QUINN – WOW !!!

This is QUINN, my oh my, what a very handsome brilliant tempered boy. He is big, bouncy and loves people and other dogs. Only a year old and without a doubt you wont get far walking him without someone stopping and you wanting to speak about him. Such a gorgeous boy !  ON TRIAL MARCH 2018


Meet MINNIE –  A year old and beautiful !!


The lovely MINNIE is going to be your typical energetic older puppy that requires someone who has the time to put in to setting boundaries and training for this beaut…She has a wonderful temperament..ON TRIAL FEB 18


Meet Fon – Gorgeous Scruff


The handsome FON , is super intelligent, great with people an other dogs and just wants to please ! Only a pupster.  ON TRIAL DEC 17


Meet FREDDIE…A Handsome Dude


The gorgeous Freddie , has the most wonderful smile, that he practices on everyone ! Super friendly with other dogs and people and an absolute joy ! ON TRIAL NOV 17




The super sonic wee man Versace is a stunner. It would break your heart if you saw his photo of him petrified in a perrera. This man needs a real gentle home, with a very understanding owner as he will resource guard his owner as he is just made up that he has found love and does not want to share you. He is not to go with children but will be fine with other dogs. Currently in foster where he is managed correctly and has been fine. Experienced home required .. ON TRIAL NOV 17 

Meet LOUISE – A Salt n Pepper cutey !


The adorable Louise is only 9 mths and was found in Spain with Thelma. She needs a family to call her own – great with people and dogs…ON TRIAL SEPT 17

Meet LETTIE – A mini podenca !


The stunning Lettie is the most adorable mini podenca. Mixes well with other dogs and is a real gem…ON TRIAL SEPT 17 


Meet THELMA – Gorgeous black beauty ! 


The gorgeous THELMA is approx 9 mths old and is excellent with dogs and people. Bubbly bright puppy that will be a fab new addition to any family… ON TRIAL SEPT 17


Meet ELLIOTT..A Spanish stunner


Elliott is a gorgeous happy go lucky boy that loves people , dogs and life in general…ON TRIAL AUGUST 2017

ARIEL & TACO – Spanish beauts


ARIEL and TACO are approx 16 weeks old . Both are very loving and have the sweetest temperaments.  They will be German Shepherd size when fully grown or a bit smaller. Gorgeous girlies that came  from Spain, both found on the side of the road just about to be squished by the traffic… ON TRIAL AUGUST 2017

Meet STIRLING ..A wee dink…


The handsome STIRLING , is a nervy boy that is learning what life should be like – is fine with other dogs and is coming out of his shell nicely now he is in foster – will need a patient quiet home..ON TRIAL AUGUST 2017


Meet TRUFA..One in a million


The gorgeous TRUFA is a bit wary of new people to start with but once she gets to know you is very playful. Gets on well with other dogs – ON TRIAL AUGUST 2017

Meet PIPPA – Gorgeous pup



The stunning PIPPA is a pure bundle of loveliness and liveliness…Typical puppy, loves life and cuddles…needs someone that will continue with her training- super bright and super special ..ON TRIAL JULY 2017



Meet FRIDA…An older girlie

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FRIDA is the sweetest girl you could ever imagine meeting. Total lack of muscle tone on her legs which gives her an awkward gait. Will require daily meds to help combat this and a gentle life ….ON TRIAL JULY 2017


Meet PERLA…An older girlie



Perla was saved from a hell hole in Spain and luckily she was as she had pyometra and was poorly when released. Now fully recovered and is a complete cracker of a girlie. An older girl at 8 yrs but certainly does not act it. She gets on great with other dogs and adores her fuss and cuddles.  ON TRIAL JUNE 2017

Meet ROMEO….Cat Friendly !!



The stunning ROMEO was found as a stray, fostered and now over here in the UK needing a new sofa…A wonderful boy, that already has basic commands and is cat friendly…ON TRIAL JUNE 2017


Meet CHLOE…A beautiful girlie…






Beautiful Chloe, approx 2 yr olds, is currently in foster and making huge improvements, having arrived as a very nervous shut down dog. She now walks lovely on the harness, loves other dogs and will say hello to strangers quite confidently. She has come on leaps and bounds and is very cheeky now ! Will benefit with another dog in the household.. Please note Chloe will need medication for the rest of her life , which the rescue will provide, – ON TRIAL JUNE 2017


The gorgeous HANIA was saved from Lanzarote and is just fab..She is bouncy, funny, wants to please, super bright and will make someone a fab addition. She is really coming on in such a short amount of time. Loves dogs and with her confidence getting better, she is enjoying meeting hew people.  ON TRIAL MAY 2017

Meet FLORENCE….A year old and CAT FRIENDLY !!! 

 The gorgeous Florence has come from a private home. She is fantastic with other dogs and people and just needs her forever sofa…CAT FRIENDLY !!!!!   ON TRIAL MAY 2017

 Meet VERSACE…A Dink !




The super sonic wee man Versace is a stunner. It would break your heart if you saw his photo of him petrified in a perrera. This man needs a real gentle home, with a very understanding owner as he is very scared around humans. Once out on a lead, he is a different dog  He will need to gain trust with you and you will need to build his confidence up. He is not to go with children but will be fine with other dogs.  ON TRIAL MAY 2017


Meet ROSITA..Beaut !



Beautiful podenca, approx 2 yr olds, nervous girl with new people at first but then soon becomes a cheeky new best friend, especially if liver cake is around.., a really gorgeous girl that deserves a new home.  – Needs to be homed with another dog ..ON TRIAL MAY 2017


Meet YODA – A gorgeous poddie boy x






The handsome YODA is only 10mths old and loves humans and other dogs. He is a typical pup that likes to play and requires attention. He was sadly returned to the rescue through no fault of his own and a change of circumstances within the family, meant they could no longer give him the attention he deserved. ON TRIAL APRIL 2017

Meet SPECKLES…Unusual boy…


Meet the delightful Speckles…He went into foster with a view to keep but the resident Chinese Cresties, did not take to him, so he has returned. He is super with people, other dogs and is loving life…A wonderful temperament, first to view, will be smitten  ! ON TRIAL APRIL 2017

Meet MARCIA…A beaut !



Meet MARCIA, a gorgeous girl who came from Spain and went into foster. When she first arrived she was a broken dog, having had no experience with life. Now she has totally transformed, loves other dogs , people and is now moving onto a new chapter,.including her forever sofa…ON TRIAL APRIL 2017

Meet HUGO…Unusual stunner ! 


The lovely HUGO is such a gentle boy, still needs plenty of weight put on and just wants a huge fuss , has been great with people and dogs that he has met ….ON TRIAL APRIL 2017 


Meet RUPERT….A Huge Lad….



This is the very handsome RUPERT…He is a really nervy boy, having not had any real input . He is a quick learner and allows a harness to be put on and he will walk to the front paddock, but is still uncomfortable. He will need a patient , loving home, with another dog to bring his confidence on would be best. You will be so rewarded with this gentle giant…ON TRIAL APRIL 2017

 Meet BART…A hononary podenco


The handsome BART , is such a nervous boy. Being only young we cannot imagine what has happened to him, however he is making very small steps of progress and needs a very understanding, patient home that will allow him to progress at his own pace….ON TRIAL MARCH 2017


Meet GIGI…An hononary podenca


The lovely GIGI, a total sweetheart who loves offering her tummy for belly strokes. Gets on great with people and other dogs….ON TRIAL MARCH 2017

Meet ESCADA …A total beaut !


The beautiful Escada, has been in an association since 2 weeks old and she is now 2 years old !! She is mega friendly with people and dogs and quite frankly is a dream of a dog…ON TRIAL MARCH 2017



Meet OSKI..A scruffy boy…





The gorgeous OSKI found on the streets of Spain, really sweet boy, clearly just wants to be loved. ON TRIAL FEBRUARY 2017


Meet CLYDE…An honourary Lurcher !





The handsome CLYDE is a stunning Catalan Sheepdog cross and loves nothing more than to bear hug you !! Great with dogs and people (although he is a herding/guard breed so will behave acordingly )and is a massive cuddle monster… He will need someone that can manage a routine for Seperation Anxiety as he will bond very quickly . He is a big puppy still ! ON TRIAL FEBRUARY 2017



Meet HARLEY…A Beaut !



This is the beautiful HARLEY.. Timid when not on the lead but once she knows you, will trot lovely with you. Will need a patient and calm household to bring her on. ON TRIAL FEB 2017


Meet RADAR….A very handsome regal chappie !









Meet RADAR…..A wonderful chappie that was found straying. Such a good boy, has been super in all areas of his assessment….ON TRIAL JANUARY 2017

Meet ISABEL…A high energy bundle of fun !




The stunning ISABEL was saved from a perrera, a real eyecatching beaut of a dog. She is bright and willing too learn. High energy needs an active home but will blossom so much with a sofa of her own. Loves people and most dogs she has met… ON TRIAL JANUARY 2017


Meet BENTLEY…A Honorary Poddie !


This handsome boy, is about 18mths old, loves other dogs and adores people. SO wants too please…Walks fab on his harness and needs a family he can call his own…ON TRIAL JANUARY 2017






BEAUTIFUL MAVIS is one of four pods found in a field in Spain. She is approx 5 mths old. Very nervous girlie to begin with but is coming out of her shell and would need to be with another dog.   She will need a dedicated person to bring her on and with the right input will be amazing. She is making great progress already. ON TRIAL JANUARY 2017

 Meet LOLO…A Honorary Pod


The handsome LOLO was saved from a perrera. Such a loving sweet natured boy, loves people and cuddles, would fit into any home environment….ON TRIAL DEC 2016

 LOKI….A bundle of podenco fun !


Handsome LOKI is one of four pods found in a field in Spain. He is approx 4-5 weeks older than the others and was very nervous when he first arrived. Approx 6 mths old. Really coming out of his shell now. Really handsome in the flesh. Will need someone with time to invest into this boy to bring his confidence levels up. Would benefit from another dog ideally. ON TRIAL DEC 2016

Meet WILFRED…Poddy pup


YODA is one of four pods found in a field in Spain. He is approx 5 mths old. Real cuddle monster, bit timid still but coming on lovely.  He loves people,  still learning the ropes with everything and will be an ongoing project for whoever is lucky to have this boy. ON TRIAL NOV 2016


Meet MARCIA…Gorgeous Girlie…



Just arrived in this week. Beautiful podenca, approx 1 yr old, nervous girl that will require a patient and understanding home to bring her on ....ON TRIAL NOV 2016



Meet WILFRED…Yummy Puppy 2

Handsome WILFRED is one of four pods found in a field in Spain. He is approx 5 mths old. The most confident of the gang. He loves people, loves his cuddles, still learning the ropes with everything and will be an ongoing project for whoever is lucky to have this boy. ON TRIAL NOV 2016

Meet CHAS…Honarary Lurcher….



Wow Chas, saved from the Spanish Perrera, god only knows why he was there.. Total scrummy boy, great with people, dogs, walking , just a fab bombproof dog….NOW ON TRIAL NOV 2016


 MEET ABBY…A Pocket Rocket Poddie


This pocket rocket of a podenca, quite simply is full of zest, very busy and would make the best agility or flyball queen ever. She is super intelligent and so loving….Loves people and dogs…ON TRIAL OCTOBER 2016

Meet ANNA..a rather splendid podenca….


The beautiful ANNA was saved from the same perrera as Leon. She is sooo sweet, has really come out of her shell having given up the will to live in Gran Canaria. She would suit someone that is willing to spend some time with her spoiling her rotten. She is gorgeous and is fine with other dogs and people.  ON TRIAL SEPTEMBER 2016?

Meet LEON – A spit for Scooby Doo




So the most handsome LEON who is just all legs and gangly and has no muscle tone whatsoever, has been saved from Gran Canary and as you can see has been starved. He is on a weight management programme and is now putting on weight so is looking better already but has a way to go yet. This boy even though he must have endured horrors at the hands of someone, has not been affected, he is loving, gorgeous and bonkers !! BIG and bouncy and will make someone the best companion. He will need someone around with him alot of the time to bring on his confidence in being left but please be assured, if you open your heart to him, he will repay you so much and more…ON TRIAL JULY 2016


Meet DUDLEY..a scruffy heinz 57 !




Dudley is so easy, and gets on fine with people and dogs. Saved from Spain, would make an ideal companion really for any situation as he is so amiable. Loves a fuss and has really come out of his shell. Will get snapped up no doubt…ON TRIAL JULY 2016

 Meet BRANDY…A wee orito


The very gorgeous Brandy, arrived from Spain and is a Podenco Orito. This boy is under a year and has had very limited human contact and therefore is VERY frightened. He requires a very patient, loving home that has another dog and will allow him to continue his journey in his own time. He may never be confident to be a normal dog but he is so sweet and deserves a chance of a loving home.  ON TRIAL MAY 2016


 Meet ROSIE…A gorgeous scruffy podenca


ROSIE has come over from Spain and is so gorgeous ! She is nervous still and requires a patient quiet home that will allow her to find her way in her own time. She gets on fine with other dogs and is currently in foster living with 3 others. She has progressed so much already . ON TRIAL APRIL 2016

Meet RUBIA..A striking podenca cross



Meet RUBIA, gorgeous podenca x, she is cat, dog and human friendly, has a personality to die for and the first too meet will be smitten…ON TRIAL APRIL 2016

 Meet Buddy…A very handsome dude…


Buddy was found as a small puppy down an irrigation channel in Spain and was rescued, he was fostered and then has come over to the UK to find his forever home. He is just around 11 mths old , BIG boy and will grow a bit more but has the sweetest temperament.  Excellent with other dogs and people. Just needs continuation of socialisation and training….ON TRIAL MARCH 2016

Meet Lola…A fox like podenca..


This is the stunning Lola..She is just over a year old and has been homed twice to the wrong families via other organisations. This girls next home has to be for life and  will have to be fully committed to meeting her needs. She is a lively young dog that requires the correct physical outlet and boundaries set. Only to be homed with a family that have had sighthound experience and are fully competent around managing a flightly dog , Currently this girl would not come back to you if let off lead – so a full on recall programme is to be followed which will  require maximum effort if you ever want to see this girl run in an insecure environment…. She is a super dog that will make a fantastic addition, she is fine with dogs , but will stand her ground if challenged and is  fine with people…….  FEBRUARY 2016

Meet Heidi –  A scruffy girlie….


This is the lovely Heidi, spent along time in a Spanish Organisation with no prospect of being homed because she is a podenco, something very very normal over in Spain….LOVES people and other dogs, very playful , loving girlie….ON TRIAL DECEMBER 2015

Meet Valentino – A handsome boy 


This is the handsome VALENTINO,  you can see how sad he looks when he was in the perrera, not knowing when his time was up to be killed. He has only just arrived and apart from being underweight, appears to be healthy and has a waggy tail permanently. He is super friendly with other dogs, being a typical puppy and just needs the chance to be cherished and cuddled. He is slightly timid around new people but that will change soon….On trial NOVEMBER 2015 


 Meet Verity –  A stunning girlie..


The gorgeous Verity was rescued in the most awful state and very close to death. With the great care of Little Pod Association she was nursed back to full health and is being given the opportunity of a new life here in the UK. She is starting to come out of her shell now and is just a lovely gentle soul. She is still timid around strangers but has improved alot since her socialisation programme and Ttouch ground work that she does weekly.  She is approx 3 yrs old and is a beaut !! ...ON TRIAL NOVEMBER 2015

Meet INDIE….A very striking girlie….


The lovely INDIE came into the rescue via a private rehome. This gorgeous girl gets on fine with other dogs and people and needs a loving home with someone with sighthound experience….ON TRIAL AUGUST 2015



 This is DEVA, landed in an association in Spain with no sign of being rehomed. She came over to LPR, nervous but soon built a bond with myself. She is fine with other dogs and needs a special home to bring her on. Needs to be homed with another dog……ON TRIAL .AUGUST 2015

Meet LOLLY…. Stunning girl with an awful past….


 Lolly was handed over to Little Pod Association by the hunters along with another dog. Poor Lolly had only known a life inside a small crate outside in the yard of the finca where the hunter resided. Due to her past, she has old injuries , arthritis and filed down teeth.  She was saved by the LPA and then came to LPR where we she has begun her rehabilitation in foster. This girl will need a very special home that can give her the comfort and attention that she requires….ON TRIAL AUGUST 2015


Meet GRACE…a timid gorgeous girlie





This is the gorgeous Grace, you wouldn’t believe this was the same girl when she was first saved from a hell hole by The Little Pod Association in November, she has just landed with the rescue here and will require a quiet, understanding home that is prepared to allow this girlie to flourish in her own time with  plenty of love and TLC. She is timid but bonds quickly with you  and will in time make someone a wonderful addition to their family.. IN FOSTER WITH VIEW TO KEEP….