So with the recent annual auction that raised an amazing £1600 for the rescue, I decided that I would put some of the money towards a very much needed training barn. 

The barn will house all the Tellington TTouch ground work equipment that is used on all our dogs to mainly promote confidence and for specific training needs, like pulling, reactivity on a lead etc .

Currently we have no area we can use that it can permanently reside and not get wet when the weather is unkind to us….It also uses up  precious time setting it up and dismantling it all so this dedicated barn would eliminate that.  

Some of the equipment we use....



So although we have limited space to work with, it was still deemed an important feature that would benefit all the rescue dogs and a viable project.

So here is the area (July 2015) that has been cleared ready for work to commence…DSCF4235

After day one ….the posts are all concreted in and ready for the next stage…


 After day two, the roof beams have been put in place and the shiplap boarding has started to be nailed on…I couldn’t resist the plant pots already !! 


After day three, we have more timber put up and some perspex windows put in, its now beginning to take shape..




Day Four with the mean machine Lee working flat out as always . We have all the windows in and half a door !! Just one more day now and it should be finished.