The rescue has been extremely lucky to be able to work alongside and strike friendships with very knowledgeable rescues located in Spain and they are listed below…


We work closely with The Little Pod Association helping them home their dogs that they save from the Perreras and local hunters and have struck a  wonderful friendship with Marie and Angela Stacey…The resident Kira came from this super rescue… They can be found a and facebook page is

We also are lucky to have forged a friendship with Beverley Farmer and Warren Beards  at Podenco Friends and one of our resident dogs is coming from their wonderful rescue…They can be found at and facebook page is

We also have found Beryl Brennan who is extremely experienced in her dealings with Pods and Galgos , having rescued them for 17 years, a font of all knowledge when coming to any problems we have encountered. She has written the only book in English about the Podencos and therefore this is a must for all pod owners to buy…The link is…/from-pyramid-to-perrera-the-st… and whilst you are looking at the link please sign up to this wonderful blog….