We welcomed Lola and Tessa two emergency pods from the UK and Grace from Spain….




 The lovely FOSSA went off to her five star home in Cambridgeshire. Sharing it with her new mummy and a new four legged pal, she is lucky enough to live right by a canal and has a huge area to explore daily with lots of social contact with the boaters…How lucky is she…


We had our normal gig of being able to run the Charity Car Park on Saturday the 11th April , down at Oaklands in Welwyn Garden City… ! Of course it rained but the rescue managed to bring in £110 , so a lovely amount considering !!




Working in collaboration with the super Kerry Bell who is the talented lady behind Slouching Hound (see links for her website) , the rescue collars were designed and have been launched. We believe we are the first sighthound rescue in the UK to have designed our own rescue martingale collars to give all our dogs, their special recognition that they are the best breed of all….i.e…RESCUE !!! …..and now everyone will know it when they meet them….So with a huge drum roll,  here they are.  They are on the merchandise page for you to buy as well , if you wish….