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 Two hairy beauts , Deva and Lolly have come  from Spain…












Finally the handsome boy Santa that arrived as a complete wreck has now gone off to live with his new girlfriend, a gorgeous deerhound called Margot and is living it up with his new mum and dad in Devon. This boy has truly found a wonderful understanding family that are prepared too work with his issues. Looky at him now !!



The rescue trotted off to the National Dog Bite Prevention Conference held in Lincoln and hosted by Victoria Stilwell, who many of you may recognise from TV and writing her monthly column in Your Dog magazine… The conference was informative and interesting and it was amazing to see how many people recognised me (I was donning the LLR tshirt) and came to chat about the rescue. It just goes to show that although this rescue is small, it has a big personality  🙂 and I have to thank all the supporters and social media for that 

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Another opportunity to sit in the rain, haha, and raise money for the rescue at the Charity Car Park in Welwyn Garden City , an amount of £142 was raised , so  a great day out money wise !! 

Our  wonderful annual auction that was run by the also wonderful fundraiser manager, Maria , brought in a staggering £1600 approx when all totted up….This is a breathtaking amount of money and has been earmarked for a chosen project which will start next month and is very exciting for all the rescue dogs as it will be so beneficial for them…. A MASSIVE thank you to all the supporters who donated items and purchased items, you all rock ! xx



And finally with the extra donations that came in for Finn, (a lurcher from my other rescue) we put it towards yet another kennel, now bringing the total of fab kennels up to 6 .These kennels are very spacious and  comfy and the podencos  really want for nothing when lounging around in them….nearly good enough to live in to be honest !!