So we have two amazing dogs that have really bonded and for various reasons are better suited to life at the rescue with their own beach hut to share…





and daily  off lead forest walks down at Jack’s Wood which is our own rescue fully fenced/secured forest…oh what fun they have !!!


They are very much loved and are an extension of Lozza’s family. They have special aunties in the shape of our volunteer dog walkers who always spend a bit of extra time with them, so they are not short of love and affection.




However no dog can have enough special aunties or even uncles, so if you would love to sponsor one of them or both , they are available !!

Sponsorship is a minimum of £10 a month and you will get a certificate, a pen, monthly updates , and the chance to come and spend time with them. They will rustle up plenty of cuddles for you ! 

If you can’t have your own dog for whatever reason, this is the next best thing..


Meet ANA