Bev Farmer of Podenco Friends writes.

What is about Podencos that incite such passion for them….. for me I see beauty nobility intelligence a creature so unique and magical, those who have adopted one will understand how special and sensitive they are. These should be the national treasure of Spain to be held in reverence to be proud of…. such a truly magnificent creature they should be recognized has part of the national heritage of Spain for they date back to 3000 BC. Yet daily we receive more and reports of Podencos abused, abandoned handed in to Perreras.

They are viewed as disposable not animals with feelings but working dogs and when no longer useful, discarded with as much thought as we would throw a soda can into a bin. Many are Podenco crosses but they still should be afforded the same respect as the pure bred for the still have the blood of a podenco coursing in their veins. Yet we see them for sale on second hand web sites for a little as 20 euros or to be used as a commodity to exchange for car parts.

The Podencos need us we have to be their voice for the start of of the hunting season draws ever closer. Soon we will hear more reports of Podencos in need of help has those who do not make the grade will be cast aside. So the cycle continues and where can they go? shelters, rescues are already busting at the seams.

“Save the Podencos – Give them a future “

I am in the process of reading a very good book entitled Pyramid to Perrera written by a pod rescuer Beryl Brennan and once I have finished it, I would like with her permission to add some interesting facts from there and a total overview of these wonderful dogs, so keep your eyes peeled for the update, in the meantime, please contact us for any further information.